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Criterios de edición


This digital edition has been produced in several stages: first, the complete Moreno corpus and its engravings have been put online. In a second phase, the corpus of the Pliegos Varios and their engravings will be put online. The documents have been encoded in XML-TEI. The ODD used for the pliegos and engravings is available online on GitHub.

The proposed transcriptions are semi-diplomatic. We respected the original spelling (muger, mujer), as well as the original accentuation (José, Josè) and punctuation. Printing errors are indicated in red. A correction is suggested in a tooltip, which appears on mouseover (EIN > FIN; qne > que). Words added in the line spaces are indicated in green and displayed in superscript if they are above the line or in subscript if below the line.

Page breaks and line breaks are respected, along with case, italics and bolding. However, we have chosen not to consider the separation into several columns, nor the position of stanzas on the page (except in the case of titles and colophons, which are automatically centred).

Missing words (due to tearing or poor trimming) are restored in [ ] where possible. Otherwise, they are indicated as follows: [...].